OneMob Feed Details

This page will aim to explain the intricacies of the OneMob feed.

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List of Feed Channels

This area shows a list of all feed channels that are available to you. Click on a channel to view.
  • All Updates
    This is the combination of all the channels below. Every post is visible here.
  • My Updates
    This channel shows posts you have made.
  • Other channels
    Any team you are part of will also appear here as a feed channel.
  • Create New Team
    Create a new team. Invite your teammates!

When a team channel is selected, your team members will be listed on the right.
  • Update Members
    Add or remove team members.

Filter by Tags

List of all tags available.
  • Click on a tag to filter the feed. Only posts with the selected tag(s) will be visible in the feed.
  • New tags can be created by those with Administrator privileges.


Use this area to make a post.
  • Share something...
    Type in a message.
    • Add a URL link
      When you are entering a URL into the message area, be sure to press enter at the end of the link. If you do, we will attempt to fetch a thumbnail image.
  • Add Video & Other Content
    Select a Video, Document, Landing Page, Email Template, or Script to post to the feed.

    Important: Posting your content will automatically share the content as well. For example, if you post a video to your team, your team will be able to find it in their Library under the "Shared" filter.
    • Add a Tag
      When a content is selected (video, doc, etc), you may choose to include a Tag(s). 
  • Share With
    Who this post will be shared with. Change who to share with by clicking on the "Share With" button next to "Post".
  • Notify via Email
    Send an alert via email to everyone you've shared the post. Be mindful not to spam your teammates!
  • Post Button
    Share your post on the feed.

Interacting with the OneMob Feed

General Options
Here are some ways you can interact with a post: 
  • Like
    "I like it!"
  • Comment
    Click "Comment" to open a comment box. Click "Post" to submit your comment.
  • + Use Me
    • Videos - Use this video to send an Email or create a Link.
    • Landing Pages - Use this landing page to send an Email or create a Link.
    • Email Templates - Send an Email using this email template.

Additional Options
View these options by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner

  • Copy Link and Image (Videos only)
    Same as Copy Link (see next), but includes the video thumbnail. Flash must be enabled for this button to work.
  • Copy Link
    Copies a URL link to this post. Only those whom you have shared this post with can view this link. In other words, you can only share internally!
  • Edit Post
    Change your message or add/remove Tags.
  • Edit Share
    Change your "Share With" permissions.
  • Delete Post
    Pretty self explanatory. 

Viewing Shared Content
Click on a content to view. Each behaves a little different when clicked:
  • Videos - Plays the video.
  • Documents - Opens in new tab (if possible), or downloads to your computer.
  • Landing Pages - A preview of the landing page is opened in a new tab.
  • Email Templates - Takes you to the Email Composer with the email template selected.
  • Scripts - Shows a preview of the script.


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