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What is the OneMob feed?

The OneMob feed is a place where you can share content, give updates, and communicate with those in your organization.

What are some things I can do on the OneMob feed?
  • Post and share videos, documents, scripts, landing pages, email templates, or updates.
  • Choose to share with a specific individual, your Team, or the entire Organization.
  • Label and categorize your posts with Tags.
  • Create a team and collaborate with specific individuals
  • Add a “Like” or comment!

Who can use the OneMob feed?

The OneMob feed is accessible for those with a Team or Enterprise license. It is not available for Professional license holders or those using a trial account.

How can I effectively take advantage of the OneMob feed?
  • Have a campaign coming up? Share a landing page, email template, and/or script to keep your team's message consistent and on point.
  • Save time by replacing your weekly meetings with a weekly video update to your team.
  • Post a video and ask for feedback before sending it out to your clients or prospects. 
  • Start cooperative discussions by leaving comments.
  • Filter via Tags and gather ideas for your next engagement from relevant posts.
  • Engage with your team and see what they “like” the most!

Where can I find the OneMob feed?

You can find the OneMob feed on your OneMob home page.

Want to collaborate with your teammates on the feed? Contact our Sales Team to upgrade!

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