How do I grant my browser permissions to Camera and Microphone?

To enable camera and microphone for the browser:

Chrome Browser
  1. In a new tab, type in "chrome://settings/content". This will take you to the Content settings.
  2. Click either Camera or Microphone.

  3. Set to "Ask before accessing (recommended)"

  4. Return to the Web app and refresh the page. When you try to record using your webcam, a pop-up should appear right below the URL like this: 

  5. Click "Allow"

Firefox Browser
  1. Right-click anywhere in the browser, and click "View Page Info".
  2. Under the Permissions tab, find Use the Camera and Use the Microphone sections. If using default settings, make sure that either Always Ask or Allow is selected.
    • If Block is selected as default, uncheck the "Use Default" box and select Always Ask.
  3. Return to the Web app and try to record using your webcam. If set on Always Ask, the following message should appear:

  4. To the right, you will see two buttons. Click Allow.

Other browsers

If you use a different type of browser, and would like to learn how, please contact us at or chat with us by clicking on the blue smiley face in the bottom right corner of our Web App.

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