Mail Merge

There are many platforms that do emailing, but there is a shortage in the number of platforms that allow you to personalize those emails. OneMob has created Mail Merge to help you embed OneMob videos within other emailing platforms seamlessly! Look below for more information on how to use the Mail Merge feature to its full extent!

What platforms is Mail Merge compatible with?

Mail Merge capabilities are available within Salesforce, Salesloft, Eloqua, Marketo, and Outreach. Once more emailing platforms are compatible we will be the first to let you know!

How do I access the Mail Merge feature?

To access Mail Merge please follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Links option on the left menu bar of OneMob and click "New Link" or click here.
  2. Enter a Link Name
  3. Pick a Page and turn Feature Video On or Off. If On, choose a video
  4. Click Create Link on the bottom right 
  5. The "Link Details" page will appear with multiple sharing capabilities. The button will appear on the right side of the Share menu. Click on the button to continue!
How do I properly use the Mail Merge feature?

To implement Mail Merge on a general basis look below:
  1. Once all steps to access Mail Merge have been completed and the button has been clicked, a pop up menu named “Generate Mail Merge Link” will appear.

  2. The Mail Merge link will need you to input a recipient Mail Merge field within the text box to the right of the generated link.
    • Note: Each platform will have a distinct way of creating the Mail Merge field. Salesforce has a “Merge Field Value” within their Email Template page. Salesloft has a “Dynamic Field” option within their Templates page. Outreach has a “Variable” option within their Edit Template page.
  3. Make sure the merge field is an Email Address merge field!
  4. Once the merge field is acquired from the specific platform you are using, copy and paste it into the text box with the words “Paste recipient email merge field here”. Click the button once that has been completed.

  5. You can then copy the link and image by clicking on the button.
  6. Once copied, go back to the specific platform you are using for your email and paste the link and image where the merge field is present within the email.
    • Note: Make sure you paste over the email merge field value!
  7. Your email should now be able to send a OneMob video and page with all of its capabilities, such as allowing you to see who has viewed your video and page within the links specific Activities page! If you’d like to learn more about activities click here!
Since there are multiple platforms from which you can decide to use the Mail Merge feature, we’ve included three different videos in which the Mail Merge feature is used. The first video is at the top of this page and it shows Mail Merge capabilities being used with Salesforce. Below are the videos for two more platforms.



Am I able to use Mail Merge on a pre-existing link?

Yes! Simply click on the link that you would like to use the Mail Merge feature on and you’ll be directed to the “Link Details” page. Once on that page, the button will be available on the right of the Share menu. Follow the steps mentioned in “How do I properly use the Mail Merge feature?” to implement Mail Merge for that link.

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