Mass Share Content

The ability to mass share content with your organization or specific individuals is as simple as just a few clicks! Whether it be Pages, Videos, Documents, Scripts, Images, or Email Templates, you can now share any type of content within OneMob, while still being able to edit the content if need be. Read below if you would like to learn more!

How am I able to mass share content?
  1. Decide which content you would like to share (Pages, Videos, Documents, Scripts, Images, or Email Templates).
  2. Once on a specific content page, click on the square () to the left of the content you would like to share.
    • Pro Tip: Click on if you would like to share the majority of the content but don’t want to select each piece of content individually. You can then unclick the content you would like to not share!
  3. With the content selected, click on the drop down tab that is next to the square. A drop down will appear with the word “Share”, click to continue.
  4. A pop up menu named “Multiple Share” will appear in the middle of your screen. There are three distinct options for you to share the content you have selected.
    • Specific User(s): Share to specific users by inputting their emails into the “Search by Email…” bar. Only the specific user(s) chosen will be able to view the shared content!
    • Team(s): Share to Teams within your OneMob organization. Simply type the name of the team into the “Add a Team…” bar and click on it when it appears. You can send to multiple teams if need be!
    • Organization: The ability to share your chosen content to the organization is also available. Enabling this will share your content with all users in your organization. Simply toggle the button to “ON” to share content with the entire organization.
  5. Once you’ve selected to share to specific user(s), team(s), or the organization, click on the button. A green pop up menu will appear at the top of your window with the message “Sharing permissions were successfully updated”!

How does someone I’ve shared content with view the content?

For someone to view the content that has been shared they simply have to go to the content page and change the “Filter” drop down menu from “My (Insert type of content here)” to “Shared with Me”.

How do I view what content I have shared?

Change the “Filter” drop down menu from “My (Insert type of content here)” to “Shared by Me”.

Does shared content automatically update if I were to update it?

If you were to update content after it has been shared it will update for everyone it is shared with, with no need for extra steps!

The ability to share content without having individuals see new updates is also a possibility. With content cloning you can clone a piece of content and share that specific content by following the steps mentioned in “How am I able to share mass content?” above. To learn how to clone content, please click here!

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