Group Sharing and Enhancements

Here at OneMob, we want to make it easier for you to send many emails to a multitude of contacts. With the more emails you send, the more contacts you will acquire. In that case, it may be easier for you to create a “Group” of certain contacts. This group can be a certain sector of a company, a group of vendors, a partner company, the possibilities are endless. With this group, you can send an email to those distinct contacts, without having to individually input their contact information every time you want to send an email. We make it very simple for you to do. To learn more about "Groups" look below or click here for a quick intro on how to send an email to multiple contacts. 

How do I create a “Group”?

You have two options to create a group. You can either decide to create the group by manually inputting your contacts into the new group option or upload a CSV with the contacts already inputted into the CSV. Look below for more information on either option.

Create a “Group” Manually
  1. Access Groups by clicking here or by clicking on “Contacts” in the menu and then clicking on the unhighlighted “Groups” lettering.
  2. Once in “Groups”, you can click on  to create a new group.
  3. You can then give the group a name, add individual contacts to the group by searching and once found, clicking .
  4. Your group will then appear under your “Groups” tab with the Group Name, Total Number of Members, and Creation Date.

Create a “Group” by Uploading CSV
  1. Create a CSV with the following column headers: First Name, Last Name, Email (required), Company, Phone Number.
    • The option to download a CSV template is also given by clicking on  and clicking on the blue underlined option stating “Download a CSV template to use”. A CSV template will be downloaded automatically.
  2. Once the CSV file has been completed, you would upload the CSV by clicking on  > click on “Choose File” > input a Group Name > click .
  3. Your CSV file will be converted into a group with it appearing under your “Groups” tab with the Group Name, Total Number of Members, and Creation Date.

Can I share a “Group” to another individual?

You now have the ability to share a group you have created to another individual so that they may also have the same group.

How do I share a “Group”?
  1. To share a group click on the gear icon to the right of the particular group you would like to share. Click on the “Share” option on the drop down menu of the gear icon.
  2. You can share the group within your organization or share it outside, to a particular Team or individual. To share to your organization simply click on the circle to the left of “To your organization”.
  3. We give you the capability to “Add Teams” or “Search by Email”. Input manually the name of the Team or individual(s) you would like to share the “Group” to. Once inputted simply click .
  4. Once an action has been completed, you will automatically receive a green notification at the top of the browser saying that is has successfully been shared.

How does “Group” email sending work?

We make it very simple for you to send an email to a group you have already created.

Simply click on the  button to the right of the group you would like to send an email to. You will be redirected to an Email Composer, where the members in that particular group will appear next to the Recipients bar. You then have the ability to leave out a recipient by clicking on the “x” to the right of their contact and edit the email itself you would like to send.


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