Document Tracking

If you would like to send a document to be able to track its activities, OneMob makes it very simple for you to do so:
  1. The first step would be to add the document(s) you would like your viewer to see. You can do this by clicking on "Documents" under the "Library" tab or by clicking here.
  2. Upload any type of pdf through the  button.
    • You are able to choose to upload from a multitude of sources.
  3. Once the document has been uploaded, the way in which you can track its activity is by inserting it within a Page. Upload the document on a Page you currently have set up or create a new Page by clicking the  button.
  4. On the Page Editor, you can add the document you would like by scrolling to the bottom of the Page Editor and clicking on "+Add Content (Optional)".
    • For a document that has already been uploaded you would click “Choose Existing”. If the document you would like to upload has not been uploaded onto your "Documents" tab then click “+ Add New”.
  5. The option to choose a Video or Document to display is given on the menu tab. To add a Document that has already been uploaded click "Documents" and choose the Document you have previously uploaded.
  6. To share the Page and its contents you can either create a Link or an Email. Both options will give you the same activity tracking capabilities.
    • If you would like more information on how to create a Link, click here. For more information on how to create an Email with OneMob, click here.
  7. Once the Link or Email has been sent you can then click on the Link or Email you have sent and view the activity that has been tracked.
    • Time: When exactly it was viewed.
    • Location: The location where it was viewed.
    • Viewer: Who viewed it.
    • Content: What Document or Video was viewed.
    • View Time: The total time the Link or Email was viewed.
  8. To be given a more detailed activity list, click on any activity. For a document, you will be told what page was viewed, for how long, and when it was actually viewed. The same will be done for a video.

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