Resend an Email

OneMob now offers the capability to Resend emails. To access the capability, follow these steps:
  1. Hover over the Library menu tab and click on Sent.
  2. Choose the email you would like to resend and hover over the email until it is highlighted blue, click anywhere within the blue region.
  3. To access "Filter" look for the  button and click to the right of it where it says "All". Then, you are given the ability to filter the email by either, "All"“No Opens”, “No Views”, “Seen”, or “Bounced”.
  4. Once the list is filtered, click “Resend Email to List” and the template of the email you have chosen will appear with all the same information.

You are now able to resend that same email to specific individuals or you can change the subject of the email or its content!


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