Green Screen on Web!

We introduced Green Screen to allow you to create compelling and engaging videos. It started on iOS and you immediately asked for Android and Web support. Well, we are excited to announce that everyone can now Green Screen on OneMob! 

How to apply a background to your Green Screen video:
  1. Record a video in front of a green screen, using any of our apps OR upload a video of you in front of a green screen
  2. Once uploaded, navigate to the OneMob Web App and select Green Screen from the Gear icon or Video Detail page in the Video Library
  3. Pick the Video or Image background, and voila!
Tips & Tricks
  • This is great if you want to reuse the same video but customize the background by client. 
  • If you have a OneScreen recording of a Powerpoint use it as a background and present your project.
  • Record a prominent location or an event and deliver the experience via green screen.
Where can I purchase a Green Screen (and accessories)?
If you are looking for a Green Screen and optional accessories take a look below for some of our suggestions.

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