Video Embedding Now Available!

Looking to embed a video to your blog or website? We can provide you two formats: a URL link to your video, and an Embed iframe code that you can copy/paste, as well as track all the watch duration!
  • Note: Use these links ONLY for Embedding!!! If you wish to send a video, Send it via Email or Create a Link for a proper viewing experience and engagement tracking.

Where can I find the Embed link/code?
  1. Head to your Video Library, and find the video you wish to embed.
  2. Click on the video row. This will take you to the Video Detail page:

  3. Click  or  to copy the link/code, or click on the text on the right and manually copy using "Ctrl + C" for PC or "Cmd + C" for Mac.

Be sure to paste the appropriate text into your website!

Where can I find the video watch tracking information?

When the embedded video is viewed, we'll track the duration at the bottom of the Video Detail page:

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