Record using a Green Screen!


How does it work?

Using green screen technology, you can use a still image or a video as part of your video background. Once selected, the image or video will replace any green surfaces in your surrounding.

The image or video will be taken from an existing video in your Library. Select either the thumbnail image to be used as the still image or the video itself can be used for the green screen.

What do I need?
Preparation: Upload your background image or video

Follow these instructions to upload a video or image for your green screen background.

Steps to use green screen

1. Select either Video or Image from your Library tab

2. Tap on the video or image you would like to use

3. Select Green Screen Background Option
  • Video:
    • Use this Video (In Beta*): Use the video as your green screen background
    • Use this Photo: Use the video's thumbnail as your green screen background
  • Image:
    • Use this Photo: Use the photo image as your green screen background

4. Adjust the intensity using the green slider on the right hand side of the screen

Once you're ready, start recording your video! The image or video you selected will appear on any green background.

Additional Information
  • *(Beta): Using Video as your green screen background may cause a crash during processing. We're currently working out the kinks.
  • As always, video recording on our iOS mobile app is limited to 5 minutes.
  • If you are using a video as a background, the video will loop once it reaches the end.
  • Looking to purchase a green screen?

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