Can I use animated GIFs?

Yes! Use GIFs on your landing page to draw your viewer's attention. Replace the thumbnails of your documents or URL links with an animated image!

What You'll Need
  • The .gif image you wish to use. Must be 640 x 360 pixels.
  • Landing page with a document or a URL link added on the page.

Steps to Replace Thumbnails

1. Head to the landing page you've prepared, and scroll down to the document or link you've added on the page.

2. Hover your mouse over the thumbnails, then click on the pencil icons that appear in the top left corner of the image.

3. Upload your GIF.

Can I do this for a video?

Yes, but READ THIS WARNING FIRST: Though gifs work on a landing page, gifs DO NOT work in an email. This means any videos with a gif as thumbnail should NOT be emailed as the main video.
  • To replace a video's thumbnail with a gif:
    1. Head to your Library and find the video
    2. Click on the Gear Icon to the right, then select Edit Thumbnail
    3. Upload your Gif 
    4. Add the video on a landing page

Additional Information

For more information about using custom thumbnails, refer to this support page.

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