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This page is dedicated to cover everything you need to know about the Contacts page, and all things associated with it. Click here to go to the Contacts page.

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Just like Gmail, Yahoo, or any other emailing service, we allow our users to keep a list of Contacts. There are two ways to add contacts on OneMob: the New Contact button will allow you to add a single contact at a time, or you can use the Upload CSV button to add multiple contacts at once using a .csv file.

How it works
Contacts page serves multiple purposes: it stores your contact's info (necessary for merge fields), keeps a record of all the OneMob activities the contact has generated, and if your OneMob account is connected to Salesforce, verifies that the contact is linked to a Contact or Lead in your Salesforce.
  • "My Contacts" vs "All Contacts"
    Contacts on OneMob behaves similar to those in a CRM tool (like Salesforce): when a contact is created, it is made available to everyone in your organization. Which means:
    1. There can only be a single instance of a contact at any time (There will never be duplicate records with the same email address)
    2. All activities your contact generates will be recorded in one place
  • Behavior:
    • When you create/enter a contact on OneMob, it will appear on both "My Contacts" & "All Contacts".
    • If the contact already exists in "All Contacts", it will be shared to you and visible in "My Contacts"
    • Anyone can change the contact info (not including email address)

OneMob Contacts List
You can manually add contacts one at a time, or multiple contacts by uploading a CSV file.
  • Adding One Contact at a Time
    1. Click "Add" on the top menu bar
    2. Click "One Contact"
    3. Fill out your contact's information.
    4. Click "Add Contact"
  • Adding Multiple Contacts at Once (Upload CSV)
    1. ​Click "Add" on the top menu bar
    2. Click ".CSV"
    3. Click "Choose File" to look for your .csv file with your list of contacts. Click "Download a CSV template to use" if you want to start with our headers necessary for upload. Once you select a file, the web app will attempt to match the necessary information fields to each column headers. Make sure that each field is associated with the correct header.
    4. Click checkbox next to "Create a Group" if you want to create one on upload. If you do so then enter a Group Name.
    5. Click "Import CSV"
      1. "Match to Salesforce" will only occur if you have connected to Salesforce by logging in using your Salesforce credentials.
      2. Once you are satisfied, click Upload CSV. The module will disappear once the upload is finished.w
If an email address in the CSV is already in your Contacts, we will use the information that was stored on OneMob instead of overriding the contact information. Learn more about CSV files here.

Contact Details
Click on a contact to view its details. You will be taken to the "Viewing Contact" page. From here, you can edit the contact information, see a list of all activities this contact was associated with, and delete the contact (under the right condition).
  • Edit
    • Click this button to update the contact information.
    • Note: for any First Name & Last Name entered, the first letter of each word will be capitalized, and the rest will be set to lowercase.
  • Activity
    • This section will list all OneMob emails or links that this contact was associated with.
    • Click on a message to view the respective Activity Detail page.
  • Delete
    • This button deletes a contact. This can only happen if and only if:
      1. You own the contact (you created the contact).
      2. If there are no activities associated with the contact.
  • View on Salesforce
    • Click "View on Salesforce" to view the associated Salesforce Lead/Contact.
    • If you do not see this, it means your contact is not mapped to Salesforce. Mapping will occur automatically the next time you send a OneMob to this email while connected to Salesforce.
  • Match to Salesforce
    If you are connected to Salesforce, the following message, will appear in OneMob

    "All Contacts will automatically be matched to Salesforce Leads or Contacts"
    • While this message is present, if any contact you add on OneMob exists in Salesforce as your Lead or Contact, we will:
      1. Fill out any empty fields (first name, last name, etc.) using the information found on your Salesforce Leads or Contacts.
      2. Track their activities back to Salesforce.
    • When you Upload a CSV, we will:
      1. Fill out any empty fields (first name, last name, etc.) using the information found on your Salesforce Leads and Contacts.
      2. However, existing fields will NOT be altered/overwritten.  
    • Learn how you can connect your OneMob account to Salesforce
  • Creating Groups
    Groups are a way to organize your contacts for ease of access. Creating a group when uploading a CSV list you've uploaded contacts in one location, saving you the trouble of having to look for each and every contact when sending a blast email.
    1. Go to Contacts and click Groups
    2. Click "New Group" on the top right 
    3. Enter a Group Name
    4. Search for current contacts and click on 1 to add
    5. Click "Submit" once you've added all necessary contacts to a group
      **You can upload multiple contacts to a group by following the instructions above for Upload a CSV file". Click here to download a template CSV file to fill in with your own contacts.
  • Sending to a Group
    ​From the email composer, enter a group name in the recipients field to search for one.

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