Video Script now Available on iOS!

No more memorizing lines! We now offer video scripts in the OneMob iOS app!

Recording with a script is super easy! It's like reading off a teleprompter!

Prepare & Create a Script

Your script doesn't have to be word for word; it could be bullet points, a train of thoughts, etc. It's purpose is to help you remember what you need to say!

Head to your Library and click on the Scripts tab.

Click on the orange New Script button.

Give your script a title, and enter your notes. Click Save Script when finished.

You can share your script with your teammates, or...

Record using a Script

Open your OneMob iOS mobile app, and go to the Scripts tab. The script you just saved should appear here. (if not, pull down on the screen to refresh)

Select your script, then tap "Use" in the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the recording screen.

Tap on the Slider Icon to adjust the scroll speed and text size of your script

Now press that record button and give it a whirl!

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