All about Merge Fields

What is a merge field?
A merge field is a proxy you can use which will later be replaced with the corresponding value.

Here is an example: Suppose I were to type in "Hello, {{recipient_first_name}}!" in my email subject and send my email to Simon. When Simon receives my email, the subject will instead read, "Hello, Simon!"

Anything I should be aware of?
For merge fields to work, the contact information must exist in your OneMob Contact list!

Going along with the example above, for the merge field {{recipient_first_name}} to show Simon's name, Simon's email address, as well as his first name, must exist in the OneMob Contact list.

For more information about Contacts, read this.

Where can merge fields be used?
Merge fields can be used in the following:
  • In the Email Subject Line:
    • Recipient First Name: {{recipient_first_name}} 
  • In the Email Body and your Email Signature:
    • Recipient First Name: {{recipient_first_name}} 
    • Recipient Last Name: {{recipient_last_name}} 
    • Recipient Company: {{recipient_company}} 
    • Sender First Name: {{sender_first_name}} 
    • Sender Last Name: {{sender_last_name}} 
    • Sender Email: {{sender_email}} 
    • Sender Company: {{sender_company}} 
    • Sender Phone Number: {{sender_phone_number}}
  • On your Landing Pages, in the Message Box:
    • Recipient First Name: {{first_name}} 
    • Recipient Last Name: {{last_name}} 
    • Sender Full Name: {{sender_full_name}} 

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