How do I add an Email Signature on OneMob?

There are two ways to add an email signature. Follow these instructions!

Setup Signature from the Account page
1. Head to the Account page by clicking your name on the top right and then Account

2. Add your signature in the space provided!

3. Click anywhere on the screen outside of the text box to save your changes. You should see this message appear on the top when changes are saved

We suggest copy/pasting your email signature from your other email platforms, such as gmail, outlook, etc.

If you'd like, you can make use of the following merge fields in your signature.
  • Recipient First Name: {{recipient_first_name}}
  • Recipient Last Name: {{recipient_last_name}}
  • Recipient Company: {{recipient_company}}
  • Sender First Name: {{sender_first_name}}
  • Sender Last Name: {{sender_last_name}}
  • Sender Email: {{sender_email}}
  • Sender Company: {{sender_company}}
  • Sender Phone Number: {{sender_phone_number}}

Setup Signature from the Email page
You can also change your signature from the Email page.

1. From the New Email page, click on the Setup Signature button on the bottom right corner of the page.

2. Continue from Step 3 above.

  • To add an image to your email signature, click on the image icon  and provide a publicly hosted URL of your image.
    • If you wish to hyperlink your image, you will have to do so by adding it directly into the html  . The link icon  will only work on text.
  • If your signature does not appear, or does not appear correctly on the Email page, try clicking Discard (you will lose your progress and the email composer will reset to default).

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