Send a OneMob Blast!

Here's a quick and easy method on how to send your video messages to numerous number of people.

1. Upload a CSV file into a Group
Download a OneMob CSV template - this template contains the headers OneMob expects to successfully import your list. Make sure to export as a .csv file! Read about it here.
  • Prepare your CSV.
    • Your CSV file must have a valid header row. 
  • Go to your Contacts page and click on the "Upload CSV" button.
  • Select your CSV file. 
    1. You can click the green check mark next to "Create A Group" if you would like to import your contacts without creating a group.
    2. Make sure that the headers match.
    3. Once you are satisfied, click "Upload CSV".

      If you want your contact's activities to be mapped to Salesforce, be sure to login using your Salesforce credentials.

  • If you are connected to Salesforce, we will:
    1. Fill out any blank fields (first name, last name, company, and/or phone number) using the information found on your Salesforce Leads and/or Contacts.
    2. Existing fields will not be altered/overwritten.

2. Send OneMob to everyone in the Group
  1. Go to the email composer.
  2. Select your video and landing page.
  3. Change the "Recipients" field from "Contacts" to "Groups".
  4. Type in and select the name of the contact group.

  5. Finish composing your email, then click "Send Now"

3. Track all the engagement your email blast generated
  • Once your email has been sent, you can track its engagement in the Activities page.
    • Activities page: The Activities page will list all OneMob email messages you have sent. Click on a message to view your recipient list.
    • Recipients: Here you will find the list of all recipients of your email blast. To the right, you can see the total engagement each recipient contributed. Click on a recipient to view Activity Details.
    • Activity Details: The Activity Details page will show in detail the type of actions the specific recipient has made.
    • For more information on Activities, check out this page.

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