Pricing and Purchasing Info

OneMob offers a wide degree of purchasing options. Benefits vary based on the plan selected.

All plans come with:
  • Create/upload/store Unlimited Videos, Documents, Scripts, Pages, Email Templates, and Contacts
  • Send Unlimited Emails and Create Unlimited Video Links
  • Unlimited Activity Tracking
  • Access to our OneMob mobile app, which allows you to record personalized, branded videos (store up to 5 different watermarks)
  • Access to OneScreen Chrome Extension

Plan Comparison Chart

**If you wish to purchase 100 or more licenses at once, or would like to purchase the Enterprise plan, please contact us via**
  Professional Team Enterprise Description
Annual Contract $200 Contact us Contact us Price per Year, per user
Monthly Contract $20 Contact us Contact us Price per Month, per user
Contact Group Limit Up to 500 Up to 1000 Up to 1000 Maximum number of contacts in a single Contact Group
# of Email Recipients Up to 500 Up to 1000 Up to 1000 Maximum number of recipients you can send to per email
SMTP Email Relay N/A $ Send emails from your company server
Salesforce Integration N/A $ Connect your OneMob account with your Salesforce account. Send a OneMob right from Salesforce, Track activities to each Lead or Contact, etc.
Admin and Brand Management
Page Logo and Watermarks Brand your video and page with your company logo
Team Sharing N/A Collaborate with your teammates by sharing videos, documents, scripts, email templates, pages, and contacts
Team Management N/A Admins can create and manage teams and team members
User and License Management N/A Admins can manage multiple users and control licenses across the company
Branded URL N/A $ Brand the final URL of a OneMob message - instead of "", show ""
OneMob Care N/A $ Maximize OneMob adoption and success with premier training and support, and have an account manager assigned to your company
Salesforce Integration
Activities Tracked    to Salesforce N/A $ View activities on Salesforce via Activity History list
Integrate Leads and Contacts with Salesforce N/A $ Search your Salesforce Leads/Contacts when sending from OneMob
AppExchange Package N/A N/A $ Send OneMob emails from Salesforce Leads, Contacts, and list views, as well as custom object for detailed analytics (OneMob Messages) 
OneMob Messages N/A N/A $ View list of OneMob Messages in Salesforce and all associated activities. Part of the AppExchange Package.

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