About Video Watermarks

What are Watermarks?

Watermarks are images we apply on top of your video, similar to Snapchat filters. Use these images to compliment your video.

For example, a company logo may add a level of professionalism to your video, or a banner can be leveraged along with a text overlay to title your video, or call out your recipient.

Watermarks are available on the OneMob mobile apps iOS / Android ] and the OneScreen Chrome extension.

How do I select a Watermark?
  • iOS / Android mobile apps
    • To select a watermark, simply swipe left or right on the screen before you start recording. If you do not wish to use a watermark, swipe left until you reach the end.

  • OneScreen
    • In the preview page, click on the watermark you wish to use, located below the video.

How do I update/refresh my Watermarks?

If any new watermarks have been added or removed by your OneMob admin, you must refresh the watermarks from your mobile app before you can see the changes.
  • iOS
    • Head to the More tab, then tap "Update Watermarks"
  • Android
    • Head to the Profile tab, then Logout of the app. Once you log back in, your new watermarks will be available in the recording screen.​
  • OneScreen
    • Right click on the OneScreen icon in your Chrome tool bar, then select "Refresh Watermarks"

How do I add new watermarks?

If you would like to add new watermarks, contact your OneMob admin. If you are an admin, follow these instructions.

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