Create an Email Template

Think of Email templates as a rough draft of an email or a prepared subject/body combination to reuse over and over. Here's how to create one:
  1. Click Emails on the left menu bar and then Templates
  2. Click "+New Email Template" on the top right side of your screen
  3. Type a name for your email template
  4. Type a subject and body
  5. Change the page and/or video associated with your template. You can also turn Off Feature Video using the toggle to not require a video. You can always change your page and/or video before sending the email.
  6. Click "Save Template"

Here is what you should see in the email template composer (Click on the image to enlarge):
  1. Name
    • This is the name of your email template.
    • Ex: “Template for Opportunities”
  2. Preview
    • Click the Preview button to preview your landing page.
  3. Subject
    • This is what the subject line of your email will be.
    • Ex: “Hello {{recipient_first_name}}! Please watch this video I made just for you.”
  4. Insert Merge Field
    • Merge fields automatically fills in information based on the sender and receiver.
    • Ex: If Sally Smith sends, “I look forward to see you {{recipient_first_name}}! Until then, {{sender_first_name}} {{sender_last_name}}.” will be read by John Doe as “I look forward to see you John! Until then, Sally Smith.”
  5. Body
    • This is the body of the email. Two things to keep in mind:
      • “{{Watch Video}}” field will be replaced by a clickable text, “Watch Video”, which will direct the recipient to the video.
      • Be creative! Remember the email template should be used however you see fit.
  6. Page
    • Click Change to attach a page to your email template.
    • Your default landing page is used unless a different landing page is selected.
  7. Featured Video
    • Click Change to attach a video to your email template.
    • Once you add a video, the video’s thumbnail will appear in the body of your email. Please note that deleting this thumbnail will prevent you from sending your email. If you have accidentally removed the thumbnail, simply re-attach your video.
    • Use the toggle to turn On or Off Featured Video
If you are satisfied with your email template, click "Save". Don’t worry about creating the perfect email template; you can always edit your templates later.

Remember, you can create as many email templates as you want, and the format of your email templates are completely up to you. Use it to expedite your communication process.

Applying your Email Template

If you are ready to put your email template to use:
  1. Head to the email composer
  2. Click Email Template on the right side of your screen
  3. Search for your template and click the one you want to use
  4. Click "Yes" to proceed. This will overwrite any subject or body previously typed in the email composer
**You can also use email templates when sending content directly from the Library view. Learn more about that flow here.**

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