Create a Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

The landing page is a webpage where your videos will be played. You can customize your landing page to provide additional content and information that your viewers might find useful.

Where can I create a Landing Page?

Landing pages can be found in your Library > Landing Pages:
  • To create a new landing page, click on the blue "New Landing Page" button

  • Click on an existing landing page to Edit

Customize your Landing Page

  1. Add your Contact Info
    To edit your contact info, click on the contact info box. This information is linked to your My Profile page.
    • If preferred, you may hide your contact information:

  2. Change Background Theme
    You can select the color of your landing page background by clicking on “Change Theme”.
  3. Add a Personal Message
    Add a personal message above your video. Try to keep it short--any important messages should be coming from the video. Give a short greeting, ask what they think of the video, point out additional contents on your landing page, etc. Be creative!
  4. Clone
    Create a duplicate of the current landing page. You will be taken to the cloned page.
  5. Add iframe
    Click here to read more about iframes.

    When Clicked:

  6. Reply Button
    The Reply button is there for your viewers to reply to your video message directly from the landing page.
    • Though it is not recommended, if you wish to hide this button, click on the Reply button, mark the checkbox, then click Save.
  7. Add a Custom Button
    Click the "+ Button (Optional)" button to add a custom button. Type in what your button will be called, and the webpage URL that this button will open when clicked.
  8. Add Additional Content
    You can add additional videos, documents, URLs, or YouTube links at the bottom of your landing page.
    • When added, each content will be paired with a thumbnail image. You can replace these thumbnail with an image of your choosing! Read more about it here.
    • Click-and-drag to re-order your content.

How you set up your landing page is up to you. Remember, you can always preview your landing page by clicking on the Preview button  in the top right corner. Try different compositions and find out what best complements your videos!

Here are some example landing pages. Take a look!

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