Admin Settings in the Web App

This documentation is in regards to the Admin Settings found in our web app.

The first person to create an account within an organization will automatically be the given administrator privileges. An admin may give or take away administrator privileges from their teammates.

Admin Settings can be found by clicking on your name in the top right corner of the screen. From here, you can manage your Users, Licenses, Teams, Tags, and Logos.

If you do not see Admin Settings, it is most likely that you are not an admin. If you are suppose to be an admin, contact your OneMob representative, or contact us at and we will help you get in touch with your representative.

Users Tab

All users from your organization with a OneMob account can be viewed here, along with their email, last sign in, and the Team they belong to.
  • You can give or take away Admin Privileges here by clicking on the checkbox under the Admin column.
  • Licenses can be assigned to users by selecting a contract from the drop down menu in the Licenses column.
  • Search
    • Search for a user by typing in the user's email address. The search bar is located above the list.
  • Export Activity Button
    • You can export the activities of all users by clicking on the Export Activitiy button on the top right corner of the screen. Click here for more info.

Contracts Tab

This tab gives you a detailed view of your past license purchases. 

You can click "Make Default" for any existing contract. This will automatically assign a license from the selected contract for assigning to new users that login to OneMob within your organization (identified by matching email domain).

Roles Tab
This tab allows you to manage and create new Roles to control specific access to features for certain groups of users.

Teams Tab

Teams are a way to manage and organize your OneMob content. Content shared with your team is visible to everyone on the team.

Creating a team will also create a new feed channel on the OneMob feed.
  • New Team Button
    New teams can be created by clicking on the green New Team button in the top right corner of the screen.

    You can click on a team to view the team’s members and their information, as well as the ability to edit members (add or remove members), and the option to delete a team.

Tags Tab

Create or delete a tag. Tags can be used to categorize posts within the OneMob feed.

Click "New Tag" to create a team, or the "X" on the right to delete. Note: Once you delete a tag, it's gone forever. Be careful!

Branding Tab

With Branding, the ability to customize OneMob content is available through Watermarks and Page Themes. Through this you would be able add a more prominent logo and add themes that relate to the branding of your organization. 

Page Logo
Page logo is the image that appears on the top left corner of your landing page. Initially, the OneMob logo will be used as default. If you wish to change the logo, upload an image to replace the logo.

The size of your image will be scaled up/down to fit 70 pixels in height and/or 200 pixels wide.

You can always change your logo image by clicking "Change Page Logo" and uploading a new image. This will only change the logo for new pages created by users in your organization.

Video Watermarks
Similar to Snapchat filters, Watermarks are used to apply logos and overlays over your videos when recording from our mobile app. You can upload your watermarks here, which then can be accessed from the recording screen of the OneMob app.

You have two options: You can upload a logo image, or you can upload a 1280x720 pixels image that spans the entire video screen.
  • Option 1: Generate Using Logo
    • To create a watermark using the option 1, you must first make sure you upload your image in a PNG format on the upload page. We recommend the width of the image to be at least 350 pixels therefore the image can be formatted properly.
      • Note: The image must be transparent or a white block will be surrounding the image.
    • Once uploaded, the image may be cropped if needed. With the image uploaded it will appear on "Your Watermarks" page.
    • Click  to see how the watermark will look on top of a video
    • Click  on the top right corner of the watermark to delete it. Note: Once the watermark has been deleted there is no way to retrieve it, make sure it needs to be deleted before doing so!
  • Option 2: Custom (Upload a full image)
    • Images uploaded using the option 2 must be 1280x720 pixels (i.e. the image will cover the entire video screen). If the image is smaller than 1280x720 pixels, it will be stretched to fit the entire screen with reduced quality.
    • Please remember that the image must have a transparent background.

      Here is an example of a custom watermark image:

      Here's how the watermark image will look on your recording screen:


Once you've uploaded your image, open your OneMob Mobile app and refresh your watermarks.
  • iOS: Go to the More Tab and select "Update Watermarks". Your watermark will be available in the recording screen thereafter.
  • Android: Please Logout of the app, then log back in. You can find the logout button under the Profile tab. Your watermark will be available in the recording screen thereafter.
    • Note: If this is your first time downloading and opening the app via Android, new watermarks may not appear, even after logging out. If this is the case, please log out and restart the app (turn the app off and on). We are currently looking into the issue. Thank you for your patience!
Page Themes
Add backgrounds and button colors to brand the pages used by everyone in your organization. You have 2 options for the background. 
1) Upload Theme Image
Upload any image you want. We recommend the using the size 1280px width by 480px height. Background images will scale based on device and browser size so it is best to use an image without too many words, as they may get cut off.

2) Color Code
Choose a color from our picker or add your own custom color using #HEX color code. 
If you would like to learn more about Page Themes click here!

Settings Tab
Admins are given the ability to set their company name, upload custom logos, and manage video overlays. You can make these changes from the Settings tab found in "Admin Settings".
  • Company Name
    Your Company Name is what will be used to represent your organization. As default, we take our user's email domain as the Company Name. However, this may not be accurate for those with multiple lower level domains.

    Please note that this is used purely for us (OneMob) to identify who you are. No one else will see this. If the default Company Name we have provided is inaccurate, feel free to change your company name here.

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