OneScreen - Webcam and Desktop Recorder

What is OneScreen?

OneScreen is a Chrome extension that allows you to record via webcam or record your computer screen, which saves right into your OneMob Library. Great for presentations, tutorial videos, and more!

Download OneScreen
  1. Open your Chrome web browser
  2. Go to Chrome web store for OneScreen
  3. Click "Add to Chrome" 
  4. Confirm by clicking "Add extension" in the pop-up

The OneScreen icon    should appear in the top right corner of your browser!

Recording with OneScreen

1. Start by clicking on the OneScreen Icon

Click on the OneScreen icon    located on the top right corner of your Chrome browser to bring up the recording options.
  • If we need to validate your login, or if the session token has expired, it will take you to the OneMob login screen:

  • If you see this, simply click on the OneScreen icon    again.
2. Video Record Settings

  • Tab
    • Record the current Chrome tab ONLY
  • Screen
    • Record your entire screen (not just your Chrome browser!)
  • Camera Only
    • Record via Webcam

To enable/disable the Camera and/or Mic, click their respective icons.
If you have multiple microphones, you can learn how to select your microphone here.
Or, click here to change your Chrome's permission settings

  • Advanced Settings

    • Camera Position & Camera Size
      • You can simultaneously record either your Tab or Screen and yourself via Webcam by leaving the Camera enabled.
      • If you would like to record ONLY your Tab or Screen (no webcam), click on the Camera icon to disable.
3. Click "Start" to record your video
  • If the Camera is enabled for any of the recording options, the recording will only start after clicking on the red button that appears next to the webcam window.

  • If the camera isn't enabled for either Tab or Screen recording, it will automatically start after a 3 second countdown.
  • If you have chosen "Capture: Screen", you will be asked to select which part of the screen you wish to share. Select from the following options and click Share
    • Your Entire Screen - Record your entire computer screen.
      • If you have more than one monitor, select which monitor screen you wish to record.
    • Application Window - Limit your recording to a specific window.
      • Any interactions made outside of the window will not be recorded.
      • Unlike "Capture: Current Tab", this option will allow you to record across multiple tabs.

4. Pause or Finish Recording

While you are recording, an icon to Pause your recording and a check mark to Finish your Recording will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen (or next to your webcam window, if enabled). 

You can also finish your recording by clicking on the OneScreen icon .
  • Pause Button
    • Pause your recording. Click again to resume.
  • Check Mark
    • Finish your recording. A new tab will open, where your video will be processed.
5. Preview & Save


Not satisfied with your video's thumbnail image? Click here to learn how to replace it.



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