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Welcome to the Activities page! Think of this as your Sent folder: any OneMobs emails you have sent or OneMob links you have created will be listed here. By clicking on a message, you can view the Activity Detail page, where you will discover beneficial metrics and statistics.


This page contains a list of all OneMob video messages you have sent and their analytics. For each message sent, total number of ActivitiesOpensViews (Click-Through), Replies, and Watch Time are displayed on the right-hand side of the page. When an email has multiple recipients, a percentage will be displayed to gauge total engagement.

  • Analytics
    • Type
      • Shows whether the message was Email or Link, and number of recipients, if applicable.
    • Activities
      • Total number of actions tracked. This includes: Email Opens, Page Views, Content Clicks, Replies, Social Clicks, and Video Watch.
    • Opens / Open Rate
      • Total number of times your email was opened. With multiple recipients, percentage is based on total unique opens vs total number of recipients.
    • Views / View Rate (Click-through Rate)
      • Total number of times your landing page was viewed. With multiple recipients, percentage is based on total unique view of each landing page vs total number of landing pages.
        • Note: When emails are sent to multiple recipients, each person receives a unique link to your landing page. 
    • Replies / Reply Rate
      • Total number of replies you received from the "Reply" button on the landing page. With multiple recipients, percentage is based on total number of unique landing pages that have received a reply vs total number of landing pages.
    • Watch Time
      • Total watch duration of your OneMob videos.
        • This includes the total watch duration of all videos from your Library currently on your landing page.
  • Search Bar
    • Use the search bar to look for a specific Activity. The search will match Activity NameRecipient First NameLast Name, and Email Address.
  • Filter Options
    • Filter the list by Links or Emails. Default by All.
  • Sort Options
    • Use the sort function to re-order the list of activities.
      • Date Created: Sort by when the message was created/sent.
      • Activity Date: Sort by most recent activities.
      • Total Activity: Sort by total number of generated activities.
      • Subject: Sort by the Subject field, alphabetically.
    • To switch the sort from ascending to descending and vice versa, simply select the current sort option again.
  • Gear Icon
    • View Email / Reuse Link
      • Click on the email/link icon to preview the message. If it's a link, the module will give you the ability to copy the link. If it's an email, the module will show the preview of the sent email.
    • Email Alerts
    • Lead Form
    • Export CSV
      • ​Export the activity data into a CSV file. The file will be emailed to you in a short while.
    • Delete
      • Permanently delete the video message. If you delete a video message, your recipients will not be able to view the corresponding landing page and will instead see an error page. All record of activities involving that message will also be deleted.


Clicking on a message will take you to the Activity Detail page. 

Activity Detail

  • Recipients

    If you have sent your email to multiple recipients,
    the engagement will be segmented by email addresses, and the activities each have contributed. You will only see the Recipients page if your email had more than one recipient.

    • Recipient information will be taken from your Contacts list. If an email in your contacts list doesn't have a first or last name, only the email address will be displayed.
    • Analytics generated by each recipients are displayed on the right.
  • Click on a recipient to see additional details.

The Activity Detail page is comprised of three sections: Activity FeedOverview, and Replies. Each of the three sections are described below. You can also see a Preview of the landing page by clicking on the thumbnail image next to the title of your message.

  • Activity Feed
    The Activity Feed consists of actions triggered in chronological order. You may filter the list by activity type using the dropdown menu on the right.
    • Activity - The type of action triggered.
      • Email Opened - Your email has been opened.
      • Page Viewed - The video thumbnail in your email was clicked, and your landing page was viewed.
      • Video Watched - Your OneMob video has been viewed. This can be either your hero video, or additional videos you've added on the landing page from your Library.
      • Content Clicked - Your document, URL link, YouTube video, or custom button was clicked.
      • LinkedIn - Your LinkedIn icon was clicked.
      • Twitter - Your Twitter icon was clicked.
      • Replied - A recipient has responded to your video by clicking on the Reply button.
    • Time - When the action was triggered. Hover your mouse over for the specific time.
    • Viewer - Email address of the individual who triggered the action. To identify viewers for your links or forwarded emails, enable Lead Form.
      • ​If we are unable to identify the viewer by email, we will display their IP address instead.
    • Content - Which item was triggered (if applicable). URL links, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube videos will display their respective URLs, while documents and videos from your Library will display their respective titles.
      • ​Email Open, Page Viewed, and Replied activities will not show anything in this column for they are not applicable.
    • Watch Time - How long the video was watched (only applies to OneMob videos)
  • ​Overview
    This section shows a graphical representation of OneMob Video Watch Duration and Watches & Clicks. Click to view any of the listed items. OneMob videos will play in a modal, while all other contents will open in a new tab.
    • OneMob Video Watch Duration
      • The graph shows the sum of all OneMob video watch time.
        • Note: this only represents the videos from your Library.
    • Watches & Clicks
      • This graph shows the total number of times each item on the landing page was played or clicked. 
  • Replies
    The Replies section contains all the responses you have received via the Reply button on your landing page.

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