Best Practices for Email Subject Line and Body

We know adding a video to your email might be something new and we want you to get the most out of your efforts. Here are a few tips to consider when crafting your email that will help highlight the video and lead to your end goal of a response. 

Email Subject Line:
Email opens rates can be attributed to crafty subject lines. Add the word(s) Videomail, Video Message, or Video and the recipient's First Name to your subject and stand out from the over 100 emails that land in their inbox every day

• Personal Videomail for John
• New Video Message for Heather
• [Video] Salesforce/OneMob Meeting Recap

Email Body:

Adding a video to your email gives you the opportunity to shorten the email itself. Since over half of all B2B emails are opened on a mobile device with a smaller screen, keeping the email short is more important than ever. The body should direct the recipient to watch the video. Don't repeat everything from the video in text format but rather use the text to drive watches and get your message heard. If there is other information you would like to add, include it in your custom landing page.



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