Content Cloning

With content cloning, you are now able to reuse someone's content or even create a clone of your own content! Cloning capabilities are available from within Pages, Videos, Documents, Scripts, Images, and Email Templates. Look below for more detailed information on how you can clone content.

Can I clone my own content?

Yes you can! You can clone your own content in the following manner:
  1. Go to any piece of content within your OneMob account and click on  and then click on clone.
  2. A green notification with the phrase “Success your document has been created successfully” will appear at the top of your browser.

  3. A clone of your content will appear with an addition of the words “Copy” at the end of the title to identify which piece of content is the original and which is the clone.
You are now able to completely redesign the content and compare to your original piece of content!

If someone shared content with me, am I able to clone that content?

Cloning Shared Content
You don't have to create a landing page from scratch; if you see an awesome page has been shared with you, build off on it! You can also make a copy of any other content or template whether it yours or someone else shared it with you.

Since you cannot make changes to pages or email templates owned by others, you'll have to clone those first and edit your own copy.
  • Cloning Videos, Documents, Images, and URLs
    1. ​​Go to Library and click 1 or more items
    2. Click "Clone" on the bottom left of the right hand sidebar
    3. Click "OK"
  • Clone a Script
    1. ​​Go to Scripts
    2. Click the gear icon on the right side of the script you want to make a copy of
    3. Click "Clone"
    4. Edit the script title and body as you want
    5. Click "Save Script"
  • Cloning Pages and Email Templates
    1. Go to your Pages, or Email Templates. Make sure your filter is set to "Shared".
    2. Find the shared item you wish to copy. Click on the 3 dots on the right, then select "Clone".
    3. Give your cloned item a name, and click "Clone".

A copy of your teammate's content has been created, and is yours to freely edit!

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