Share videos to Cisco Webex Teams Spaces

You can now post your OneMob videos to your Webex Teams Spaces, thumbnail included!

How does it work?
  1. Create a link
  2. Click on the Webex Teams Spaces icon
    1. Enter your Webex credentials
    2. Select the space you want to post in
  3. Your video thumbnail image will appear in the space, along with a clickable link below.

How to post to Cisco Webex Teams Spaces
  1. Go to the Link page, then click on the "New Link" button.
  2. Type in a Name for your link. This is for your reference only.
  3. Select the Video and Landing Page you wish to send
  4. Click Create Link. You will be taken to the Link detail page.

  5. Click on the Webex Teams Spaces icon under "Share". You will be redirected to enter your Webex Teams Spaces login credentials (please do so):

  6. Select an existing space, then click Post

Check your Cisco Webex Teams app to see your video:

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