Connect my OneMob account to Salesforce

When you connect your OneMob account to Salesforce, OneMob Activities will be tracked to your Salesforce Leads and/or Contacts.

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How to Connect to Salesforce
  1. Login to OneMob
  2. If your company has activated Salesforce in OneMob then you will see a "Connect to Salesforce" badge on the bottom left of your screen in the menu bar.

  3. Click "Connect to Salesforce" for a popup to open with Salesforce login options. If you are already logged in to Salesforce in your browser then you may not see the popup at all.
  4. Enter your Salesforce username and password in the popup and click Log In
  5. The badge on the bottom left of your screen should now read "Salesforce is Connected".

Benefits of Connecting
  • From OneMob...
    • When adding recipients to a new email in OneMob we will automatically check Salesforce for a matching Lead or Contact with the same email address. If a match is found then all activity associated with that email and page of content will track to the respective Lead or Contact in Salesforce.
    • When a new contact is created, we will automatically search your Salesforce Leads and Contacts. When a match is found, we will use the info already in Salesforce (name, company, etc.) 
  • From Salesforce...
    1. View Activity History
      • View a list of activities in the Lead or Contact Details page, generated real-time.
      • If you do not see the Activity History list, ask your Salesforce administrator to add it to the Page Layout.
    2. Leverage Reports
      • Create a report to manage and export crucial data.
  • And this is simply by connecting you account to Salesforce!

OneMob AppExchange Package (Installed by Salesforce Admin)
We also offer the OneMob AppExchange Package. You must be a Salesforce administrator to install the package. With it, you can:
  1. Send a OneMob from Salesforce
    • Send to individuals, or to a list of Salesforce Contacts or Leads.

  2. View OneMob Messages
    • View a list of all OneMobs sent to an individual, which displays all activities related to that specific OneMob.

Click here for more info about the Salesforce integration.

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