What is OneMob?

There are many things you can do with OneMob, but we’ve narrowed down our full potential into these three simple steps: Record, Send, and Track.
  • Record
    Recording a video is made easy with OneMob! Record yourself using our OneMob mobile app (for iOS or Android), OneScreen - Webcam and Desktop Recorder, or upload a video.
  • Send
    Send your video by email, or create a link to your video page. When an email is sent, a thumbnail image of your video will be inserted into the body. When clicked, the viewer will be taken to the video page (or what we call, a landing page). Landing pages can be customized to include links, documents, and more, to serve as a one-stop shop for your viewers!
  • Track
    We keep track of all video engagements; every time your email is opened, your video page is viewed, how long your video was watched, and much more! You can use this information to check how many people you’ve reached, what kind of approach worked, and to supplement your follow up. You can view these activities in OneMob, or from Salesforce!

Here are some OneMob messages that you could be sending today!

Ready to start your OneMob experience? Head to the starter guide.

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