Create Reports in Salesforce

1. Go to the Reports tab and click "New Report..."

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2. Expand the "Activities" folder, select "Activities with Accounts", then click Create

3. Select the following Filter options:
  • Show: My team's message
  • Show: Completed Activities
  • Show: Tasks
  • Date Field: Date
  • Range: Last 30 Days

4. Search for "Assigned" in the Fields search bar, then click & drag them into the columns. Again with "Date"

5. Click Save, then report, then click Save and Run Report

6. In the next screen, click Export Details to download your report.
(Whenever you want to get the most recent version of this report, click "Run Report" before exporting)

7. Select your file format (.csv or .xls), then click Export. The file will start downloading to your computer right away.

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