Best Practices for Recording

Set up your recording space
  • Get the best recording possible by using our mobile app or OneScreen webcam recorder.
  • When using the mobile app, set your phone against your laptop screen facing you for a steady video-- holding your phone will lead to a shaky recording.
  • Keep the camera at your eye level.
  • Keep a comfortable distance from the camera.
  • Use your background to your advantage.
    • Control your environment; minimize background noise by silencing your phone and computer, and closing any doors or windows. 
  • Keep any sources of light in front of you, not behind you. 
  • If you are recording your desktop via OneScreen...
    • Try not to have too many tabs open. Your computer may not be able to handle multiple tabs while recording.
    • Make sure you have good wifi when processing and Saving to Library.
    • For a clean recording, try using a headset or positioning your microphone directly in front of you.
  • Practice. If you can't memorize your lines, try using a script on the iPhone.
  • Speak clearly, be audible, and keep posture and composure.
    • Don't bounce your knees, rock back and forth, and try to minimize using filler words (like or um).
  • (Mobile) Give your video a natural pause by waiting in place for a couple of seconds at the end of your video. Then, use the trim option to round out your ending. Don't be in a rush to hit the stop button! That can cause your body to start moving before you've finished your last sentence.

Keep in mind...
  • You can always re-record, so no pressure!
  • Remember to smile!

Want to take it to the next level?

If you're looking to make your video more professional, try using a tripod and a tripod phone holder. If you are indoors with poor lighting, a lighting kit might be your solution. And to top it off, here is a professional grade microphone for smartphones and tablets.

In contrast, if your videos require active movements, you may be interested in a handheld stabilizer for your phone.

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