Admin: Export User Activities

As an admin, you can download a summary of activities generated by every member in your organization. This is done from the Admin Settings page.

How To Export User Activities
To download the activity summary of your organization's users, follow these instructions.

1. Click on the Export Activity button on the top right corner of the screen

It looks like this:

Once you do, you should see this on your screen:

2. Specify Date Range and Team
  • "All Time" vs "Custom Range"
    • When "Custom Range" is selected, click on the Date range drop down to see a few different date range options. If you are looking for something more specific, select "Custom Range" from the list, and a calendar will appear:

  • Team
    • If you have any Teams set up, you can specify the report to only include those team members.

3. When you're ready, click

In a few minutes (depending on the size of data), you will receive an email which will look like so:

4. Click Download CSV

... And that's it!

We recommend you view the CSV file as a spread sheet in Excel.

Reading the CSV file
Here's a table explaining all the header fields that you will find in the downloaded file.
Header Description
Name The user's first and last name
Email The user's email address
Group The name of your Organization
Team The user's assigned Team(s)
Start Date The day user's account was created
License The name of assigned license
Last Login The most recent login date
Last Activity The date of when the most recent activity occurred
Trial Expiration The user's trial expires on this day
License Expiration The user's license expires on this day (blank if no license assigned)
Sent Number of OneMob emails sent by user
Links Number of OneMob video links created by user
Videos Total number of videos in the user's library
Total Activities Total number of activities* generated by user
Email Opens Total number of times the user's email were opened
Page Views Total number of times the user's landing page was viewed
Watches Total number of times the user's videos were watched
Clicks Total number of times the user's Landing page contents were clicked
Responses Total number of responses the user received via the "Reply" button on the landing page
Social Clicks Total number of times either the LinkedIn or the Twitter links were clicked
Unique Email Opens Number of total unique email opens
Unique Page Views Number of total unique page views
Unique Responses Total number of responses received via the "Reply" button on the landing page
Total Watch Time The total duration of user's videos watched (in seconds)

 *Activities that are counted towards Total Activities are: Email Opens, Page Views, Content Clicks, Replies, Social Clicks, and Watches.

Note: If a field is left blank, it means a value doesn't exist (zero occurrence).

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