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Once your OneMob email or link has tracked activities, you can export the data into a CSV file.

How to Export Activities or Export Recipients (Recipients for Email Only)

1. Go to the Email page or Link page, and find the message you want to export

2. On the right, click on the Gear Icon, then select Export Activities or Export Recipients
If successful, the following message will appear on your screen:

3. Check your email

In a few minutes (depending on the size of data), you will receive an email titled: 
"[First_Name], your CSV export is ready"

And with the following content:

Click Download CSV!

What does each column mean?
  • Export Activities Data:
Recipient The Email Recipient. For Links, this field is blank unless a specific contact was assigned.
Email or Link Identifies whether this activity was generated from a link or an email.
Activity Type of Activity. For detailed information about each activities, see here.
Time The date & time the engagement occurred.
Viewer Who generated the activity. Note: this will not always be the same as the recipient. If "Require Email to View" was enabled and the email/link was forwarded to another viewer, the email address of each specific viewer will be displayed here.
Content Specifies which content was engaged, if applicable.
Watch Time How long a specific content was engaged, if applicable. For example, how long a video was watched, or how long a document has been viewed.
Document Page Views Applies only for documents. Displays the total number of document pages viewed.
  • Export Recipients Data (Emails Only):
First Name First name of email recipient. Information is taken from your OneMob contacts page.
Last Name Last name of recipient. Information is taken from your OneMob contacts page.
Email Email address of the recipient.
Status Status of the email send attempt. This does not indicate that the email was received, only that the email was sent without any errors.
Unsubscribed Yes/No indicator for whether the contact has unsubscribed. Mass emails to unsubscribed contacts will not be sent, and will show as such in the Status column. 1-to-1 emails will be sent regardless of the subscription status. Subscription status is taken from your OneMob contacts page.
Bounced Yes/No indicator for whether the email has bounced. If an email was sent successfully but was later bounced, the Status column will continue to display Sent.
Activities Sum of all activities/engagement regarding your OneMob message.
Opens Number of times your email was opened.
Views Number of times your OneMob page was viewed.
Watches Number of times a video on your page was engaged. This does not reflect duration watched, only the number times the video was engaged/clicked. For watch duration, refer to the Watch Time column.
Clicks Total number of times any content on your page was clicked.
Replies Number of replies received from the OneMob page, via the Reply button.
Watch Time Total video watch duration.
Exists in CRM? Applies only if a CRM is enabled for your company. Indicates whether this contact exists in your CRM, such as Saleforce or Microsoft Dynamics.

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