Share your video from the OneMob Mobile app

You can share your videos directly from your mobile phone! Create a link, then send it via text, email, or any other form of text communication.

Create a Link via the OneMob mobile app
  1. From the Library tab, select Videos, then select the video you wish to send. Tap "Share Via Link"

  2. Give your link a name (for your reference only), then click "Create"

  3. Copy the link, or share using the other options shown on the screen
    • Android: There may be a slight delay before the share options appear on the screen

Once you've sent out your link, you can track its analytics from the Activities tab.

Find URLs of Previously Created Links
  1. Go to the Activities tab
  2. Tap on the link you want to share again
  3. Tap on the share icon displayed next to the URL
  4. Share using the options shown on the screen

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