Record with an Android Phone

Got an Android phone? Download the OneMob app today!

Login to the OneMob mobile app, then follow the instructions below to record a video.

1. To the Recording Screen! 

Tap on the OneMob logo to view the recording screen

2. Pre-Recording Options:

  • Switch Camera: Tap on the portrait icon to switch between your front and back camera 
  • Adjust lighting: Increase or decrease the video brightness
  • Apply Filters: Choose a scenic filter to set the tone of your video
  • Add Text: Add a text bar to your video
    • Remove: This will remove your text from the video screen 
    • Change Color: Tap on the color palette icon to change your text color
  • Watermarks: Swipe left or right across the screen to apply watermarks. Do so before adding text to the screen!

    Note: Watermarks can only be added/changed before you add any text to your video.
3. Record! 

Once you are ready to record, tap on the red button on the left.

4. Post-Recording Options:

  • Trim the Video: Tap on the scissor icon to snip the beginning and/or end of the video to give it a natural beginning and ending. You can adjust how much of the video is cropped by moving the blue sliders on either edge of the video timeline.
  • Re-record: Discard the current video and create a new recording.
  • Generate a thumbnail: Proceed to the thumbnail selection screen.
5. Select Thumbnail and Upload to Library

Choose a thumbnail for your video, then upload the video to your Library.

... And you're done!

The next step is to send your video. You can send your video from the Web app, or share directly from your phone via link.

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