Record with your iPhone

Got an iOS? Download the OneMob mobile app from the App Store!

Login to the OneMob mobile app, then follow the instructions below to record a video.

1. To the Recording Screen!

Tap on the plus icon, then the record icon to view the recording screen.

2. Pre-recording Options:

  • Toggle Watermarks: When enabled, your company branding will appear on the screen. Swipe left or right across the screen to select.

  • Insert Video Script: You can record your video with the aid of a script on our mobile apps. Click here to learn more.
  • Switch camera: Tap on the switch icon to rotate between your front and back camera.
  • Adjust lighting: Increase or decrease the brightness.

3. Record!

Once you are ready to record, tap on the red button on the left.

4. Post-Recording Options:

  • Apply a filter: Choose a scenic filter to set the tone of your video.
  • Trim: Tap on the trim icon to snip the beginning and/or end of the video to give it a natural beginning and ending.
    • Move the yellow sliders on either edge of the screen to trim your video. Tap on the trim icon again once you're finished.

  • Add text: Add text to your video.
    • Change color: Use the color slider to change the color of your text.
    • Change Style: Tap on the keyboard icon again to change the text style (free form vs text bar).
    • Resize text: Once you've closed the keyboard by hitting "return": pinch the text to resize, and drag the text to move it around the screen.

Finished editing? Tap on the blue arrow to continue.

5. Select a Thumbnail

Choose a thumbnail for your video by tapping on the desired image.

6. Upload your Video or Save as Draft

  • Save to Library: If you are satisfied with your video, save and upload the video to your Library.
    • You cannot edit your video after it has been saved to the Library.
    • Make sure you have a strong and consistent internet signal!
  • Save to Drafts: Videos saved as draft can be edited and uploaded at a later time.
    • Videos in Drafts are not deleted when Saved to Library. This means you can save multiple versions of your video message, each personalized for a specific viewer!

... And that's it!

The next step is to send your video. You can email your video from the Web app, or share directly from your phone.

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