Share your OneMob Page on LinkedIn

Want to post your OneMob video on LinkedIn? Here's how:

1. Create a Link to your video message
In addition to sending your video via email, we also provide the ability to generate a URL that links directly to your landing page. Create your link from the Link Page > "New Link" button.

Fill out the following:
  • Give your link a Name
  • Select your Page
  • Turn Featured Video On or Off. If On, select a video from your Library
  • Choose from available settings
Finished? Click Create Link. You will be taken to the Link's page.

2. Share via LinkedIn
To share your video message on LinkedIn, click on the LinkedIn social icon on the right. This will open a pop up window with LinkedIn's share options.

  • Share an update
    When "Share With" is set to Connections, your link will show up on their homepage.

    Here is a LinkedIn Support page which specifies exactly who can see your updates when set to Public.
  • Send to individuals
    Message your link to specified connections.
Once you've clicked Share, close the window.

3. Track your Link
  • The current page will show all the engagements your video link has generated. You can always return here from the Link page.
  • On the current page, you can see what kind of engagement your shared link is generating from the Activity Feed and Overview.
  • As mentioned above, if you would like to know exactly who has generated each engagement, be sure to enable Require Email to View!

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