Starter Guide


Set Up
  1. Create an Account
    • If your company has access to OneMob: click JOIN YOUR TEAM and enter your work email address.
    • If your company has never used OneMob: click REQUEST DEMO
    • Returning users: Login here.
  2. Complete your Profile
  3. Download our Mobile App!
    • You can find the apps for iOS or Android in their respective app stores. Just search "OneMob"!
  4. Download OneScreen, our Chrome Extension!
R.S.T. - Record, Send, Track!
1. Record a Video

There are three ways you can record:
  1. Record with an iPhone
  2. Record with an Android
  3. Use OneScreen Chrome extension to record via Webcam OR record your Desktop

You can also Upload a video to your OneMob Library

Once your video is saved & uploaded, they will appear in your Video Library.

2. Send a OneMob

There are two ways to send your video:
  1. Send your video via Email from OneMob
  2. Create a URL link to your video page, which can be copy/pasted into your personal email composer, social media, etc.
3. Track Activities

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