How to Share Content

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Sharing Content
Sharing your content is important; not just for collaborative works, but for a healthy team environment. It allows other members of your team to gain insight into other realms of possibilities and bolster their own content by adapting your content as part of their own.

If you've created an awesome video with glowing reviews that deploys the techniques and know-hows of success, share it! This way, your video can serve as an onboarding process for others to use as a future guideline for their next engagement.
  • How to Share Content
    You can share your videos, documents, scripts, pages, and email templates from the Web app.
    1. Refer to your Library for each respective content items: Videos, DocumentsScriptsPages, and Email Templates.
    2. Find the item you want to share. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the item's Gear Icon and click "Share".
    3. Share with your organization, a specific team, or specific teammate by typing in their name.
  • Sharing via OneMob feed
    You can also share content internally using the OneMob feed. Read about making a post here.

Views and Use Shared Content
Here's a secret: not everyone has to create their own content! Take advantage of the sharing feature, and your team will reach your objective with minimum effort and in record speed.  
  1. From the Library
    • To view content shared with you, be sure to change your Library filter to "Shared".
    • Note: you can use or preview a shared content, but you may not edit it.
  2. From the Feed
    • To leverage a content posted to a feed (videos, pages, or email templates), click "Use Me" found next to the Like and Comment. 

Cloning Shared Content
You don't have to create a landing page from scratch; if you see an awesome page has been shared with you, build off on it!

However, I'm sure you've noticed; you cannot make changes to pages or email templates owned by others. If you wish to build on their content, you'll have to clone them first.
  1. Go to your Pages, or Email Templates. Make sure your filter is set to "Shared".
  2. Find the shared item you wish to edit. Click on the Gear Icon on the right, then select "Clone".
  3. Give your cloned item a name, and click "Create Clone".
A copy of your teammate's content has been created, and is yours to freely edit!

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