Create a URL Link (and image) to share your video

How does it work?

As the title suggests, you create a link to your video, and you can share it however you want!

Once you create the link, we will provide you with the following options:
  • Copy Link and Image: Copy the link and thumbnail image onto your clipboard.
    • The copied link will be a hyperlinked text "Watch Video" and your video's thumbnail image, which will also be hyperlinked.
    • You can also copy the link and image by clicking and dragging across the "Watch Video" text and the thumbnail image on the screen.
    • Note: If this button is grayed out, please enable your flash player.
  • Copy Link: Copy just the URL to your clipboard
  • Other Options: Twitter, LinkedIn, Cisco Webex Teams Spaces, and via Email

You can paste the link and image onto your documents, in your presentations, share it using a messaging app, or send using your personal email platform such as Gmail or Outlook, if you do not wish to send your video email through OneMob.

How to Create a Link Directly from OneMob Library

  1. Go to your OneMob Library and click on one or more items
  2. Click "Create Link" from the sidebar menu on the right side of your screen
  3. Enter a name for your link (only visible to you)
  4. Page
    • Feature Video ON/OFF - This option will give you the chance to feature a video as the main piece of content on your page with a larger thumbnail. We will also include the thumbnail image from your video in the email with a play button if Feature Video is On.
    • Content Order - Drag and drop pieces of content in the list to reorder how they will appear on your page
    • Change Theme - Select from available branding options
  5. Settings
    • ​​Email Notifications - Receive notifications via email the instant activity occurs
    • Require Email to View - This option will enable each viewer to enter their email address upon clicking the link in the email to view your content. The first viewer to click will not be asked to enter their email address and will be tracked as the recipient of the email.
    • Internal Use Only - Turning this option on will force all viewers to login to a valid OneMob account in your same Group to view the content. This ensures only those who have access to your company's OneMob group can view the content.
    • Set Expiration Date - Use this option to pick a date and time for when the link to your content will become invalid. Time zone is displayed according to what your browser is set to. 
    • Set Password - Create a unique password for viewers to be able to access your content
    • Tracking to Opportunity - Turn this on and search Salesforce for the right Opportunity where we will write all the activity that happens from your email and content link. Only available if you have already connected to Salesforce.
  6. Create Link
    • Click "Create Link" to generate a unique URL and thumbnail image for sharing


How to Create a Link for your Content from the Links Page

This option allows you to reuse pre-created Pages rather than having to select all the items from your OneMob Library

Follow these steps to create a link from our website:
  1. Go to the Link page and click on the "New Link" button in the top-right corner
  2. Type in a Name for your link. This is for your reference.
  3. Select the Video and Landing Page you wish to send
  4. Click Create Link. You will be taken to the Link's page.
Share your Link
  1. Click Copy Link and Image
    • ​​If the button is grayed out, please enable your flash player.
  2. Paste your link and image in you personal email clients such as Gmail or Outlook, or post on your social media by clicking on the desired location, then pressing Ctrl + V for Windows or Command + V for Macs.
    • This is how it looks pasted in Gmail:

Once you've sent out your link, you can track its analytics.

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