How To: Tracking Activities

When you send a link or email via OneMob, we track several different types of actions that are involved with your link/email. We call these actions, “Activities”. You can use these activities to time your followup emails and calls, forecast opportunities and deals, (etc).

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What actions are tracked?
Here is the list of all actions that we track:
  • Link Created: Notification that your link has been created.
  • Email Opened: Your email has been opened.
  • Page Viewed: Your landing page has been viewed.
  • Content Clicked: Your document, link, YouTube video, or custom button was clicked.
  • Replied: You received a response via the "Reply" button on the landing page.
  • LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn icon was clicked.
  • Twitter: Your Twitter icon was clicked.
  • Video Watched: Your OneMob video has been viewed. This can be either your main video, or any additional OneMob videos you've added on the landing page from your Library.

Where can I see Activities?
Activities can be found in:
  • Web App
    Head to your Email page or Link page and click on a message for detailed analytics.
  • Mobile App
    In the mobile app, the Activities Tab will list all links and emails you have previously created/sent.
  • Salesforce
    In Salesforce, you can find the activities under OneMob Messages and Activity History found in the detail pages of Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases.

    For more information on OneMob Messages & Activity History, check out this page
    • For activities to track back to Salesforce, your OneMob account must be connected to Salesforce. You can connect your Salesforce and OneMob account by logging into the Web App using your Salesforce credentials.

Can I Export my Activity Data?
Yes! You can do so from the Web.

To export the activities of an email or a link, click on the Gear Icon > Export CSV

Click here to see the full instruction.

How do I disable Email Notifications?
In the Email Composer (Email) or the New Link page (Link), you have the option to enable or disable Email Notifications before you send/create. 
Please note that replies to your videos via the Reply button on the landing page and the confirmation email when you create a link will always be sent, and cannot be turned off.

You can change the default settings for Email Notifications from the Web app, from your Account page. The Account page can be reached by click on your username located at the top right corner of the screen.

Click here for more information.

How are email opens tracked?
One of the most common question we get is, how do we know when your email is opened?

We use a technique that many other companies in the industry implement: When an email opens, all images in the email need to be downloaded. We simply count the number of times your video thumbnail image is requested!

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