Send an Email from OneMob

How does it work?

You can email videos, documents, images, and URLs directly from our website.
  1. Your email will include a thumbnail image of your video with a play button. **If Feature Video is turned OFF no thumbnail image will be provided**
  2. When the thumbnail image or link is clicked, a webpage containing your content will be opened in the viewer's browser 
  3. The viewer can watch your video and click on other content without having to download any files or plugins
**There are 2 ways to send an email from OneMob as illustrated below. If you want to reuse a page go to the next section "Sending Content from Emails Section"**

Send Content Directly from Library

  1. Go to Library and select 1 or more pieces of content you'd like to email

  2. Click Send Email from the sidebar on the right side of your screen
  3. Page
    • Feature Video ON/OFF - This option will give you the chance to feature a video as the main piece of content on your page with a larger thumbnail. We will also include the thumbnail image from your video in the email with a play button if Feature Video is On.
    • Content Order - Drag and drop pieces of content in the list to reorder how they will appear on your page
    • Change Theme - Select from available branding options
  4. Subject and Body Text
    • Insert from Template - Select from email templates you've prewritten or that others on your team have shared with you. Choosing an email template will only insert the subject and body text in to the new email
    • Edit - Clicking this will open the full email composer font options, merge fields, and other features to help you customize your email.
  5. Recipients
    • Enter an email address to search OneMob contacts and CRM contacts (if connected). Select the right contact or create a new one if there is no match by clicking that option from the dropdown that appears.
    • Each recipient entered will be sent a unique email and track separately from other recipients.
    • The limit for amount of recipients is set per group. If you want to send emails to more recipients at once please request the change with your OneMob Admin.
  6. Settings
    • ​​Email Notifications - Receive notifications via email the instant activity occurs
    • Require Email to View - This option will enable each viewer to enter their email address upon clicking the link in the email to view your content. The first viewer to click will not be asked to enter their email address and will be tracked as the recipient of the email.
    • Internal Use Only - Turning this option on will force all viewers to login to a valid OneMob account in your same Group to view the content. This ensures only those who have access to your company's OneMob group can view the content.
    • Set Expiration Date - Use this option to pick a date and time for when the link to your content will become invalid. Time zone is displayed according to what your browser is set to. 
    • Set Password - Create a unique password for viewers to be able to access your content
    • Tracking to Opportunity - Turn this on and search Salesforce for the right Opportunity where we will write all the activity that happens from your email and content link. Only available if you have already connected to Salesforce.
  7. Test
    • Type an email address and click "Send Test" for us to send an exact copy of the email with link to your content for your review
  8. Send Now or Later
    • Send Now - Click this to send the email for immediate delivery
    • Schedule to Send Later - Click the clock icon next to "Send Now" to pick an exact date and time for the email to be scheduled. Time zone is set according to the time zone on your browser.


Send Content From Emails Section

You can also send emails directly from the Emails section in OneMob or from inside Salesforce by clicking "Send OneMob". This allows you to reuse pre-created pages of content and/or email templates rather than picking content from the Library and having a new page created.

  1. Click "Emails" form the navigation bar on the left side of your screen and then click "New" or click here
  2. Content
    • Choose a page of content. Click here to learn more about creating pages of content including documents, images, videos, and URLs. 
    • Turn On or Off Featured Video. If On, click "Change Video" to select a video from Library. Having Featured Video On generates a thumbnail image with a play button which helps increase clicks.
  3. Email Template - If you choose to do so (optional). You can create email templates here.
    • Click "Email Template" on the right to open that section
    • Click the dropdown to search for a template
    • Click on the template you want to use
    • Click "Yes" to proceed. This will delete any existing subject and body typed in the email composer and replace them with the email template content.
    • The Subject and Body from the Email Template will now be shown in your current email
  4. Recipients - Enter 1 or more recipients. Also use Groups that can be created in Contacts. Learn more about creating Groups and even using CSVs to upload multiple contacts at once.
    • Click "Recipients" on the right to open that section
    • Type in a recipients email address or Group name
    • Click on the recipient or Group
    • Add more recipients by searching again
  5. Settings
    • ​​Email Notifications - get notified in real time via email when activity happens. Learn more about turning on/off specific types of activity 
    • Require Email to View - When On this will require the second viewer and every viewer after that to enter their email address to view your page. We assume the first viewer is the recipient of the email and track to that contact accordingly. 
    • Internal Only - Use this feature to secure content for internal use. Viewers will be required to login to OneMob with a valid account and OneMob license in your specific group.
    • Track to Opportunity - Search for a Salesforce Opportunity and track all activity to the specified record
    • Set Expiration - Set a specific date and time for when the link will expire. After the expiration time viewers will see a message letting them know the content has expired for viewing.
    • Set Password - Use a generated password or create your own to secure your content. The password will be added to the email for your recipients.
  6. Click Send Now
  7. Or Schedule for a Later Date and time by clicking the clock on the right side of the send button
Once you’ve sent your email, you can track its analytics.

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