Send your video via Email using OneMob

How does it work?

You can email your video directly from our website.
  1. Your email will include a thumbnail image of your video with a play button.
  2. When the thumbnail image is clicked, your video page (landing page) will be opened in a new tab.
  3. Your video will automatically start playing on the landing page.

Once you have recorded your video and have prepared a landing page, head to the Email page to send your video.

Send Your Video via Email using OneMob

From the Email page:
  1. Click on the "New Email" button in the top-right corner
  2. Select the video you wish to send by clicking Change in the space labeled "Video Message"

  3. Select a landing page by clicking Change in the space labeled "Landing Page"
    • A default landing page will be selected automatically
  4. In the "Recipients" field, type in the email address of your video recipient(s)
  5. Fill out the email Subject and Email Body.
  6. Click Send Now

Once you’ve sent your video email, you can track its analytics.

If you would like to learn more about the email composer, continue reading below. Or learn how you can send email blasts to a group of contacts.

Detailed Description of the Email Composer

  1. Email Template (Optional)
    • If you have prepared an email template, apply the template by clicking the blue “Choose” button.
    • Applying an email template will discard all of your current progress.
    • When an email template is in effect, you can remove it by clicking the “X” next to your email template's name.
      • Removing a template will reset your email composer to default.
  2. Video Message
    • Select the video you wish to send by clicking Change in the space labeled "Video Message"

    • Once a video has been selected, the video’s thumbnail will appear in the body of your email. Please note that deleting this thumbnail will prevent you from sending your email.
      • If you have accidentally removed the thumbnail, return here and select your video again.
  3. Landing Page
    • Select a landing page by clicking Change in the space labeled "Landing Page"
      • Your default landing page is always automatically selected. If you wish to use a different landing page, click Change.
  4. Preview
    • Click the Preview button to preview your selected video & landing page.
  5. Recipients
    • This is whom you'll be sending your video to.
    • Enter the email address of your recipient(s).
  6. Subject
  7. Insert Merge Field
    • Merge fields automatically fills out specific information for you.
    • Ex: If Sally Smith sends, “I look forward to see you {{recipient_first_name}}! Until then, {{sender_first_name}} {{sender_last_name}}.”, it will be read by John Doe as “I look forward to see you John! Until then, Sally Smith.”
    • Note: This information is taken from your Contacts information. If there isn't a name associated with an email in your Contacts list, the merge field will be replaced by blanks.
    • Read more about merge fields here.
  8. Email Body
    • Since your video should cover the core of your message, use this space to direct your readers to click on the video thumbnail.
    • Note: The merge field "{{Watch Video}}" will be replaced by a clickable text, "Watch Video", which will take your recipients to your landing page. This is here in case your thumbnail is prevented from displaying.
    • Click here for tips regarding email subject and body.
  9. Email Notification
  10. Require Email to View
  11. Internal Only
  12. Send Me a Test
    • Send yourself a preview of the email. We will use your profile information to fill out any missing information.
  13. Setup Signature Button
    • Click to create an email signature! You can copy and paste your email signature from gmail, outlook, etc. Be sure to click Save to confirm any changes.
  14. Discard Button
    • Click this button to remove all changes (Reset everything to blank/default).

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