Salesforce Integration Features

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OneMob in Salesforce

The OneMob integration with Salesforce work within the following Salesforce tabs: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, and Cases. In these tabs, you will have access to Activity History list, OneMob Messages list, and the Send OneMob button.

Certain features require the Salesforce AppExchange Packages to be installed. Ask your Salesforce admin to install the following packages: AppExchange Package Installation & AppExchange Package Post-Installation

Difference between Activity History and OneMob Messages

  • Activity History will report individual OneMob activities. The subject line will display which OneMob and what activity, and the date and time of the activity can be shown in their respective columns.
  • OneMob Messages will display a list of OneMobs instead of their activities. By clicking on a single OneMob, you can view all the associated activities on one page (Requires AppExchange Package installation).
  • Think of it this way: Activity History is a real-time log of all activities. OneMob Messages is a summary of all activities for each OneMob sent.
  • The type of activities are: Email Opened, Email Sent, Link Created, Link Sent, Page Viewed, Responded, and Button Clicked.
  • Send OneMob Button
    (Requires AppExchange Package installation)
    • Send OneMob via Leads & Contacts

      Sending a OneMob via Leads or Contacts are either to a single individual (one-to-one), or to several people at once (one-to-many).
      • To send a OneMob to a single individual, click on the Lead or Contact (to view their Detail page) and click on the Send OneMob button. You will be taken to the OneMob email composer, similar to the one in the Web App.
        • If you do not see the "Send OneMob" button near the "edit", "delete", etc. buttons, contact your Salesforce administrator.
      • To send a OneMob to several people at once, view your Leads or Contacts in a list (click “Go!” next to “View” from the Leads or Contacts page). Select one or more Lead or Contact, then click Send OneMob.
      • If you would like to learn more about the email composer, see Send Your Video via Email for reference, but disregard the sections about Email Template and Contacts.
  • Reports & Dashboard

    Other than the Activity History and OneMob Messages lists, you can also take advantage of OneMob’s Reports & Dashboard. By looking under the Reports and Dashboard tabs, you can review the infographic summaries of all activities from your organization. If you need any help setting up a report or dashboard, check out this support article, or contact us at

This covers all the OneMob features within Salesforce. If you have any questions, feel free to reach us at or message us through the web app’s help button!

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