Tips and Tricks: Salesforce Tracking and Alerts

Every OneMob video message has alerts built in to help you know who's engaged and time your follow up. You will get a real-time alert via email for each email open (if sent from OneMob or Salesforce), every watch, and response. By using the following tips you can optimize your efforts and save time in Salesforce activity logging.

Tracking to Salesforce:

First and foremost, make sure that your OneMob account is connected to your Salesforce account. To connect, simply logout of OneMob and login using your Salesforce credentials.


Each time you send a OneMob from the web app or from Salesforce, we log an activity in Salesforce on the Lead or Contact you choose. You can also select an Opportunity from Salesforce to have the activity tracked there too. We will also log an activity for every email opens, video watch, and responses.

When using the Create Link option make sure to pick a Lead or Contact from Salesforce so activity can be written back to Salesforce. Picking a specific recipient also allows us to add their name to the video page (if using a merge field) making it even more personal. 

Real Time Alerts:

We recommend following up within 24 hours to anyone that watches your video. This may be via phone or email. Some call right away knowing the prospect is watching and might have a few minutes to talk. Others wait until the next morning. No one way works for everyone so use your best judgement for when to follow up within the 24 hour period. 


You will receive an email each time a viewer replies to you via the Reply button on your OneMob video. You can simply click "Reply" from your email client and we will automatically add their email address to the "To" field so you can carry on the conversation. All responses are also tracked back to Salesforce for you!

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