Why can't I login?

Having difficulties logging in? First make sure that:

  • You are connected to the internet through your cellular or WiFi connection (we recommend WiFi).
Possible Solutions
  1. Wrong email address?
    • Make sure you have entered the email address you signed up with. It's common for people to have multiple emails, and forget which one they've signed up with. It happens, and that's completely ok! This is why we always advise you to sign up using your company/work email.
  2. Wrong password?
    • Can't remember your old password? Request a new one.
    • If your group has enabled Single Sign On (SSO), you won't have a password! Please select "Login with Salesforce", or login via your company SSO portal on the screen.
  3. Try getting on / off your VPN
    •  Your VPN may affect your ability to login, depending on your company policy.
  4. Your company firewall may prevent access to non-whitelisted websites
    • If you are able to login from your home but not on your company wifi, it is possible that OneMob access is being prevented by your company's firewall/security settings. In which case, please contact your IT department tand request to whitelist onemob.com.
  5. Log in to your SSO before attempting a login
    • When logging in via SSO credentials, sometimes it helps to first open a new tab and login to SFDC / your company webpage, respectively.
  6. Log out of SFDC or your company SSO before attempting a login
    • Opposite of #3, log out of your Salesforce and/or company SSO. Then, try logging into OneMob again.

If you've verified the above and are still facing difficulties logging in, contact us at support@onemob.com.

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