Salesforce AppExchange Package Installation

OneMob AppExchange Installation Guide

Note: The AppExchange package is currently not available for free trial users.

Make sure you are logged out of Salesforce, then visit our App Exchange listing and click "Get it Now":​

Log in with the credentials of the Salesforce environment (production or sandbox) where you want to install the OneMob Package. Once Salesforce verifies the user credentials, you will be taken to the package installation page.

If you have an older version of SalesForce, please click here and follow these instructions instead.

1. Choose Install for All Users, then click Install.


2. Next, approve third-party access, then click Continue.


3. After clicking Continue, the installation of the package will be in progress and you will receive an "Installation Complete" message when done. 

4. Click Done.

By this time, you should have received two emails; first email contains a demo of OneMob, and the second email is a notification that the OneMob Package was successfully installed.

Please continue to Assign OneMob Package Licenses to Users below.

Assign OneMob Package Licenses to Users

Upon completing the installation, you should have automatically been sent to the Installed Packages page. If you were, skip to step 3.

1. Click Setup in the upper right.

2. Click Installed Packages in the menu on the left.

3. Under Installed Packages, click Manage Licenses for the OneMob package.

Note: If you installed this package in Sandbox, you can skip the remaining steps.


4. Click Add Users

5. On the next screen you can selectively assign licenses to individual users. Ten trial licenses are included when you install the package. If you need additional licenses, please email



Installations complete! Please click here to continue to the post installation (configuration) steps.


Old version of Salesforce - Follow these steps to install the package:

1. After logging into Salesforce, click Continue on the screen below.


2. Next, approve third-party access, then click Continue.


3. On the next screen, you’ll see the API Object Permissions to notify you of the object access of the package. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Next.


4. Select Grant Access to All Users. This permission will grant users access to OneMob functionalities.


5. Click Install. It may take up to a few minutes to process the installation.You will be notified when the install is complete.

Note: Sometimes it will take longer than usual to complete the installation process, but an email will be sent to notify you when the install is complete.  



Please click here to continue to Assign OneMob package Licenses to Users.

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